Music - Brave Shores

Director - Luca Tarantini

Developer - Josh Schonblum

Character Design and Animation - Liana Tarantini

Additional Animation - Luca Tarantini

Special Thanks - Vanessa Robak

Point and Click


An browser-based video game created around the band's music, with a world lovingly crafted in homage to PC adventure games of the 90's (even using some of their art). 


Made in Unity. Inspired by Lucasarts adventure games, SNES graphics, 

Character Design


The female character was traditionally animated using sprite sheets, while the male character was sculpted out of plasticine and 3D scanned, rigged, and animated,  then rendered from multiple angles to create faux-3D sprites, much in the style of Donkey Kong Country, Mortal Kombat, and DOOM. Original designs and animation by Liana Tarantini.